The "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!
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How To Catch The Swarms Of Bass

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Hi Fisherman,

It's been 48 days since you signed up for my Bass fishing information. Today you are going to find out how Bass fishermen like you are using the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon along with some special techniques - to catch Bass like never before.

We left off last time after I told you exactly how you'll be catching hundreds of live bait quickly and
easily once the food chain "feeding frenzy" begins shortly after you lower the secret weapon into the water.

Now, I don't know about you - but I don't go fishing to just catch bait. I go out there to catch Bass, and
here's how you'll do it.

After a good 20 - 30 minutes the swarming minnows and other live bait will be thick and lively - churning the water, sending vibrations out... and these vibrations alert the Bass to the presense of prey!

The Bass will move in (from all over) to your spot to begin feeding on the minnows. But, it's not what you think.

They will not "torpedo" into the middle of the action... they will hang around in 2 places. They will wait on the outskirts of this swarming ball of bait, and...

They'll also gather right below this feeding frenzy of bait. (Bass like to feed from underneath the prey, another little tidbit to file away in your brain for future use...)

So, can you guess where you'll be fishing? (Hint: you won't be dropping your bait down in the middle of thousands of other bait fish...)

You'll be fishing the edges of the "ball of bait", and right below it!

Be ready, because the bite will come hot and heavy, and it will not stop...

Bass after Bass for as long as you leave the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon down there. I still have a hard time believing that something could be so easy... but it is - and I never believed it until I saw it for myself.

Fish the edges, and fish underneath. It really is that simple. Amazing, huh?

Did you know you also won't pay for shipping, you'll get a lifetime warranty (the secret weapon is built to last an entire lifetime of fishing), you'll get the 90 trial period, and you'll get two books that will walk you
step-by-step how to use the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon to it's maximum potential (along with 10 brilliant fishing strategies that will boost it's effectiveness).

You get can all the details, and order your package here:

Check out what Rocky from Inola Oklahoma said about using it:

"...for the next 7 hours, we caught loads of fish!"

"Dear Dan,

Tried the secret for the first time. We were on the water at 11:00pm. We dropped it in, and it was a little show for the first 10 minutes. Then, my gosh, for the next 7 hours (that's right, 7 hours), we caught loads of fish! Went the next night and got the same results. Then, for the third straight night we continued to catch all we could handle.

You have sold me, and I am grateful."

Thanks again,

Rocky Brown
Inola Oklahoma

4 days from now, I'll send you Day #5 of the Bass Fishing Mini Course where I'll reveal some information about the depth of the water, and how it effects a Bass' vision... this is damn important.

See you then...

Gone Fishin'

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Bass Fishing Secret

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