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Bass Course Day #6, A Dab Of Color On A Spinner Bait Makes All The Difference

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Hi Fisherman,

You signed up for my Bass information for 60 days ago. (can you believe it's been 2 months since we "met"?) Today I want to give you probably one of the most important "Bass Spinner Bait tactics" I know of. If you are experience you probably use this without thinking, but I've got to take that chance.

This is too important to skip over.

There's an old school Bass fisherman I talk to a lot - and he's one of those real private guys, doesn't even want me to tell you his name... so I won't.

But anyway, when he told me about this, I realized I'd been doing it all along, but I never really knew why.

You've GOT to have a little bit of "red" in any spinnerbait you use. If you are using a spinner that doesn't have red in it, grab some of your wife's (or girlfriend's) red nail polish and put 2
dabs of red on the spinner.

I'll bet you know why this works so well.

It looks like blood. And it signifies an "easy" lunch for big Bass. Even I would rather not have to "work" for a
meal. And Bass are no different.

They pick on the wounded, the dying.

And a little red on your spinners (or any bait for that matter), will increase the amount of strikes you get on any given day. As a rule of thumb, from now on, have a litle red on everything you throw out.

Oh, and before I forget...there is a technique for using spinnerbaits that a lot of guys don't know about, and it's
good for instant strikes.

Here it is: cast up onto the shore, and slide that spinner quietly into the water. Gift it a pop to get the blades
moving, and hold on tight.

The reason? No initial splash to spook an skiddish Bass...and that translates to more strikes...almost instantly.

Now, here's another story about the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon I got from Irv Fiala:



I dropped it in about 4 feet of water, and left it...when I came back 45 minutes later there were literally millions of minnows all around it. I couldn't believe it, and called my wife over to check it out - and she couldn't believe it either! This thing is amazing!

Irv Fiala"


It will work for you too, and you won't know how you ever fished without it once you see how many Bass you'll be catching. You get the 4 gifts too - but only for a little while longer (don't say I didn't warn you).

Next, in just 4 days I'm going to send the final day of the Bass fishing mini course where I am going to pepper you with 3 final "little known" techniques for catching Bass. (One has to do with a "rip retrieve" technique you've got to use when pond fishing for Bass)

See you then.

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Bass Fishing Secret

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