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Bass Course Day #5, Knowing What Bass "See" Will Help You Catch Them?

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Hi Fisherman,

Day #5 of the Bass fishing mini course is coming to you because you signed up for this information 52 days ago.

99% of Bass fishermen have no idea how critical it is to change your tackle when fishing deep for
Bass. It's a totally different ballgame, and if you aren't aware of a little secret about "fish sight" -
you are missing more bites than you realize... and this applies to Bass most of all - because they
use their eye sight more than almost any other species when hunting. To be blunt: this is huge.

Fact: the colder the water is, the better a fish (namely, a Bass) can see.

Why, you ask?

It's real complicated - and those biologist types will sit and give you every drawn-out detail for an
entire weekend if you let them...

To keep it simple, lower temperatures help the cells in a fishes eye function better.

And guess where the cold water is? You guessed it... the deeper you go, the colder it is. Also, the closer to winter it is, the colder it is.

Interesting... are you "seeing" why this matters to you?

In cold water temperatures it is critical to "lighten" your tackle, because the Bass can see results, switch to monofilament or fluorocarbon line in colder water (whether it's deep, or just getting close to winter).

It's no secret your line has to be invisible to get lots of bites, and if you don't pay attention to the temperature of the water - and make sure to switch to lighter line, the action will stop fast...

...and one more "bonus tip" for this issue.

If you've been fishing Bass for awhile, you can tell if the Bass are "active" or "lazy". If you are using lures, make sure to use lures that contrast with the background... your red's, orange's, yellow's, and white's (if the background is dark). Active Bass are much more prone to go for contrasting lures...

On the flip side - if the Bass are lazy and passive - you want to use lures that blend in a bit more. Green's, Blues, Gray's, and Black's if it's a dark background. Also, for the lazy Bass, fish a little slower... you still need to give a little movement to the lure to indicate to the Bass that, "Hey, this might be some food"... but slow it down a bit.

For the active Bass, give it a LOT of movement. They'll hate you for it - because they won't be able to resist, and they'll end up on the end of your hook every time.

Even if you are using the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon, you'll still need to pay attention to the tips above.

Speaking of which, I'd like to focus on another secret weapon case study today from Woodrow Bryan in
Daytona Beach, Florida. Now, he wasn't fishing for Bass... he actually used the Bass Fishing Secret in SALTWATER! Here's what he said:

"...Bass were attacking and driving the minnows into a frantic, seething swirl."

"Hi Dan,

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about using your Bass Fishing Secret, and had in fact gotten my share of good-natured kidding about buying this strange looking "secret weapon". My four companions were kind enough to avoid calling me a sucker, but I felt that they were thinking the thoughts and chuckling to themselves.

We were on Lake of the Pines in East Texas. Drought conditions for several years have reduced our favorite end of the lake to a collection of pools and a few deep holes. Many of the favored fishing spots are no longer accessible.

As darkness approached we found a channel about 4 to 5 feet deep. In went the Bass Fishing Secret, to a cheer and mock applause.

In about two minutes several dozen small minnows started to lazily swim in the around the secret. In just minutes there were hundreds more, and larger minnows swirling around. By then everyone had parked their rods and were leaning over the railing watching the developments. Then a small dark image darted from the darkness then deeper out of sight.

Moments later several of these small bass began to dart in and out of the swarm of minnows. By now there were literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of minnows streaming in a large circle around the boat. The small bass were attacking and driving the minnows into a frantic, seething swirl. The small bass began streaking in and feeding on the surface. Soon the sound of splashing was so frequent and loud that it sounded like a bunch of children splashing in the water off in the darkness. Now everyone on the boat is an excited believer - it was amazing!"

Best regards,

Chuck Jones,
Longview, Texas

Did you know that everyone ordering the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon gets to use it on a 90 day trial basis?
That's right, put it to any test you can think of - and if it doesn't do exactly what I say it does - I insist you send it back to me, and I'll give you every penny you paid.

I know once you see it in action, you probably won't be sending it back... but just in case, I want you to know
that you don't have to decide if you want to keep it or not for 90 days... then decide.

4 days from now, I'm going to answer a question I have gotten a lot. "Is anyone ever NOT satisfied with the
Bass Fishing Secret Weapon? What happens if "nothing happens" when I drop it in the water?". I'll answer
all of this, and more - and the answers may surprise you.

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Bass Fishing Secret

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