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Bass Course Day #3, the 8 Great Truths Of Catching Bass

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Hi Fisherman,

How time flies... it's hard to believe it's been 36 days since you signed up for my Bass fishing information - anyway, it's why you are getting Day #3 of the Bass fishing mini course today...

When I'm talking to someone about fishing, I can almost always tell if the guy is "for real" or not. A lot of guys are so filled with pride, all they do is blow smoke - tell fishing stories that are exaggerated, or many times not even true. Same goes for the "tips" they throw around aimlessly.

That's why I try to talk to guys that have been catching Bass for years... the quiet guys - most of whom are a LOT older than me. They won't often approach you, but if you give them a friendly "hello" - you'll probably come away with some of the best Bass fishing advice you've ever heard.


The truth is, I've talked to hundreds of fishermen... and I only listen to the guys who have earned respect - the guys that have seen it all. I'd like to dedicate Day #3 to the guys preaching the "tried and true" methods of Bass fishing. I've boiled all of their tips down to the "8 Great Truths Of Catching Bass", and here they are.

1. Using spinning gear on a medium to light action rod. Put a small glass bead between your worm and a sinker. Let your bait fall to whatever depth you've had success with, then shake your rod tip. Wait at least 30
seconds. Then shake again for 2 or 3 seconds. Stop and pull slowly for about 6 inches. Then drop slowly back down again and repeat. If not getting hits, slow the process down.

When you feel anything "different", set that hook!

2. Keep in mind that Bass have very tough mouths. So many are missed because of not properly setting the
hook. Your best shot is using a treble-hook lure, the Bass will often set the hook itself when striking.

With topwater lures, wait a second before setting the hook. If you over react you risk pulling the lure right out of it's mouth!

3. When it's windy try using a grub. Point the nose of the boat into the wind and cast off the back of the boat. Do a slow steady retrieve to the boat. The waves will give the grub wonderfully natural movement that will stimulate strikes.

4. If fishing in rivers and streams and you want to catch big smallmouth, try this: Kalin's 3-inch Sally Lunker
grubs. Cast into the weedbed and drag to the edge of the weeds. Dart the grub back to you, and get ready for a strike!

5. When using tube jigs, set the drag a LOT higher than normal for much better hook sets. When you get a Bass on, loosen that drag during the fight to avoid line breakage.

6. When using a plastic worm it is so important to match the size of the hook to the size of your worm.

Example: 3/0 or 4/0 hooks are ideal for 7-8 inch worms. A 2/0 hook is best for 5-6 inch worms, and a 1/0 for smaller worms. Not paying attention to this is a big rookie mistake and will lose more Bass than you can

7. One of the best worms ever: Zoom Trickworm. (Watermelonseed color) Texas rig it for instant strikes and

8. The colors of the jigs you fish with are key, and they change with the color of the water. In clear water you've got to use light colors like white, chartreuse, and green. In murky water use black, brown, purple, and other contrasting dark lures. You'll nail 'em!

And of course, the best "secret" to Bass is to find that zooplankton bloom. And the best way to do that is to have a Bass Fishing Secret Weapon on board to create a large bloom of zooplankton instantly, almost anywhere.

Some guys refuse to use it because it makes things "too easy" - and they are Bass fishing for the challenge.
Well, if you are one of these - that's fine, don't use it to catch Bass... use it to get natural live bait. In about 3 minutes with just a small net, you'll have all the minnows, shad, and other bait that you can handle. (if you use live bait...if not, this will definately at least bring the bass into your location).

Check it out here:

It's another long one, but here's another snippet from the next secret weapon case study:

"...Bass were attacking and driving the minnows into a frantic, seething swirl."

"Hi Dan,

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about using your Bass Fishing Secret, and had in fact gotten my share of good-natured kidding about buying this strange looking "secret weapon". My four companions were kind enough to avoid calling me a sucker, but I felt that they were thinking the thoughts and chuckling to themselves.

We were on Lake of the Pines in East Texas. Drought conditions for several years have reduced our favorite end of the lake to a collection of pools and a few deep holes. Many of the favored fishing spots are no longer accessible.

As darkness approached we found a channel about 4 to 5 feet deep. In went the Bass Fishing Secret, to a cheer and mock applause.

In about two minutes several dozen small minnows started to lazily swim in the around the secret. In just minutes there were hundreds more, and larger minnows swirling around. By then everyone had parked their rods and were leaning over the railing watching the developments. Then a small dark image darted from the darkness then deeper out of sight.

Moments later several of these small bass began to dart in and out of the swarm of minnows. By now there were literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of minnows streaming in a large circle around the boat. The small bass were attacking and driving the minnows into a frantic, seething swirl. The small bass began streaking in and feeding on the surface. Soon the sound of splashing was so frequent and loud that it sounded like a bunch of children splashing in the water off in the darkness. Now everyone on the boat is an excited believer - it was amazing!"

Best regards,

Chuck Jones,
Longview, Texas

Next up, 4 days from now, I'll talk about the best "technique" for catching your own bait - and later, how to use the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon to actually catch Bass. You'll love these insider "techniques"...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

The Bass Fishing Secret Weapon

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