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Day #2 of the Bass Course, A Secret For Topwater Lures

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Hi Fisherman,

It was 28 days ago that you signed up for my Bass fishing information, and that's why you are getting day #2 of my Bass fishing mini course where I am going to talk about 2 different
things regarding topwaterlures for Bass.

Most Bass fishermen at least have a little experience with topwater lures. Hey, that's great - they are just one more thing you should integrate into your "bag of tricks" for getting the
Bass excited near the surface of the water. But there's a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

So you don't waste time on your own trying to find the topwaters that work, and those that are a waste of time (most of the time). Here's one I want you to use...

It's called the "Jitterbug", and you want to use one that is yellow with red stripes...and you want to make
sure it is one of the bigger "jointed" ones. This topwater consistantly stimulates strikes (and) because you are using a bigger lure, it will get the big Bass really excited.

Now for the 2nd thing I wanted to tell you - it also has to do with topwater lures.

Typically, if you have the same experience as most Bass fishermen, you will miss more "strikes" using topwater lures than with any other technique.

It just happens. You feel the strike but you miss the Bass. Here is a little trick you can use to get that same fish "hooked" that you just missed...

Always have a "follow up" lure for these topwater "misses". Have some grubs, gitzits, or worms ready.

Many times a Bass will hit a topwater lure, and not "connect. Whenever you miss one like this, immediately throw out a plastic worm or jig right in the same spot, and you will hook that same fish!

Speaking of hooking Bass, did you know that the technology behind the Bass Fishing Secret Weapon was
tested by the University of Michigan?

Here is what they found:

"Researchers at the University of Michigan examined the responses of several species of zooplankton (little
organisms that are the main source of food for bait fish).

The results of their work indicate that zooplankton have an overwhelming attraction to specific changes in the
surrounding water.

Since this specific method causes the changes in the water to travel farther than any other method, it is the most effective at attracting and concentrating zooplankton.

- Frederick Smith and Edward Baylor, University of Michigan"

...and you know what happens when you have a huge patch of zooplankton all in one place don't you? It's a fishing experience that I can only describe as "shocking". The water will be thick with feeding bait, and your hook will rarely go into the water without an instant strike from a hungry Bass...

Someday, they'll be gone - and don't say I didn't warn you.

Look what Bill has to say in the next secret weapon "case study"...

"Within about 15 - 20 minutes we'll have fish everywhere..."

(Click "play" to hear our conversation)

"The guys can't believe it when I plug it in... it takes about maybe 5 minutes before the zooplankton starts drawing in and then shortly after that we'll get some fry, and then we'll start getting some larger minnows, and then we'll get some of the bigger shad - within about 15 - 20 minutes we'll have fish everywhere.

We very seldom drop it down far, and we always hook fish below all of the activity.

The boat does not leave the condo without it... guaranteed."

Bill Reese
Phoenix, Arizona

4 days from now, I'll resume the secret weapon "checklist", and you'll find out what these guys are doing once they get to their favorite fishing spot... get ready for a "show" like you've never seen...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Bass Fishing Secret

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