The "Bass Fishing Secret" will swarm fish to you sport and DOUBLE your catches!
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WARNING: Don't Sign Up For The "Bass Fishing Secret" Affiliate Program Unless You Want A Consistant Supply Of Cold-Hard Cash Delivered To Your Mailbox Every Month!

Dear Friend,

I have some very special secrets for you that will put more money in your pockets than you realize - or believe.

Whether you like fishing or not, I am going to take you by the hand and show you -- STEP-BY-STEP -- how you can BLAST your online profits into the next dimension.

There are 2 KEYS to making it work.

1. The heart of EVERYTHING is having a truly SPECTACULAR and UNIQUE product to promote.

Well, we have it in the "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon".

2. Having someone that is already experiencing big success, show you exactly HOW to do it. That's where I come in, but later.


Why Promoting The One-Of-A-Kind "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon"
Of Fishing Will Fill Your Wallet With Money And Make
Every Fisherman That Uses It Grin From Ear To Ear!

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The "Bass Fishing Secret" is the most amazing fishing product I have ever seen, and our fishing customers absolutely love the results they get.

This is a HUGE opportunity for you. Here's why...

You have probably seen the "Bass Fishing Secret" sales page. Everything I talk about is absolutely true. I use the product myself, and it IS that earth-shattering.

The special "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon" has been a closely guarded secret since 1947. I am the first to promote it actively on the Internet.

99% of fishermen do not even know that it exists, which means the market is just ripe with prospects eager to try something new.

Something they have never seen before... that works like gangbusters!

"Sounds Great, But Who The Hell Are You, And
Why Should I Listen To What You Say?"

My name is Dan Eggertsen. I live in California and used to be a computer analyst for a large company. I always dreamed of the day I could walk away from it - forever.

I build my first "affiliate" website (I'll explain what an affiliate website is in a moment, if you don't already know) in March of 2003.

The Lord knows, I struggled. But an amazing thing started to happen...

I started to figure out what worked, and what didn't work. I slowly began to build my empire in the wee hours of the night before going to work the next morning at my computer job.

The "snowball effect" had begun, and I had no idea how far this would go. (I still don't)

I spent some money on carefully selected Internet Marketing training and learned the secrets of marketing masterminds around the world.

I will give you the knowledge to do what I have done. To make enough money to quit your job if you want to.

By the way, I don't work for anyone else anymore. You won't need to either...

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How I Got Involved With The "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon", And Why It Is So Easy To Sell! (And Make You A Ton Of Cash In The Process)

It was a Monday morning in July of 2004 at my old computer job. I was sitting at my desk, day-dreaming about having my own business one day.

My co-worker Jim came storming into the office ranting and raving about his fishing trip over the weekend.

He knew that I had been a "fishing guy" for most of my life and immediately barged into my cubicle literally SHOUTING:

"Dan, you wouldn't believe this thing I got! I took it out on the water over the weekend and we hauled in White Seabass by the truckload! It was like "shooting fish" in a barrel!"

I had never seen ole Jimbo like that, and I went out on the water with him the following weekend.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

The water was THICK with FEEDING FISH, and I caught more fish on that one trip than I had ever caught in a single day.


I had never heard about the product before, and neither had Scott. We are both LONG TIME fishermen with over 30 years of fishing experience between us.

I just HAD to get the word out to fishermen all over the country. Thus, the "Bass Fishing Secret" website was born.

It has been a HUGE success, and fishermen all over the country absolutely LOVE IT! That's not the best news though...

The "Bass Fishing Secret" Revolution Has Only Just Begun, And This Is Your Chance To Get In On It Early!

To make a long story short, I will pay you for every person you refer to our website that buys the product.

This is called an "affiliate program" relationship. Basically you sign up for the "Bass Fishing Secret" affiliate program and you will get a "special web link" that you will use to refer web surfers to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website.

The special web link that you use identifies (through our Internet tracking technology) that the visitor was referred by YOU.

If they buy the "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon" we pay you!

I can almost hear you asking...

"How Much Will You Pay Me? How Much Money Will I Make?"

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First of all, there is something you need to understand - the "Bass Fishing Secret" sells itself! Once it gets into the hands of almost any fishermen, there is NO WAY they would ever want to give it up or return it. It is far too valuable a tool.

You won't have to send many people through your special "affiliate web link" before you get your first sale (I will tell you about what you can expect in a second).

Tell me, do you think it would be fair if I gave you $10 for every sale on our $195 "Bass Fishing Secret"? That is about a 5% commission, and is not uncommon in affiliate marketing.

How about if I double that, and give you $20 per sale, for a 10% commission? Would that put a small grin on your face? Maybe...

What if I did the UNTHINKABLE and guarantee you a LIFETIME of $40 per sale, every sale, FOREVER?

You're damn right. $40 per sale, forever. That means for referring a buyer to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website, you will be making more profit on that sale than I will.

You may think I'm crazy (many people do), but I know how business works. Without that buyer, NOBODY makes any money. And I want to make it more lucrative for you to promote the "Bass Fishing Secret" than any other fishing product on the market.

That's my goal, and I believe I have met it.

"Visitor Value", The Only REAL Statistic That Will Tell You
How Much Money You Will Make!

I am an absolute FREAK when it comes to statistics and tracking the profitability of any business venture (which is the main reason why I become more successful every day). That's why I am able to tell you EXACTLY how much you will make.

At $40 per sale you refer to me, you will make about 14.5 cents PER web surfer you send me. Yes, you read it right, FOURTEEN AND-A-HALF CENTS per web surfer you send me.

Think about that for a second.

That means, for every 100 visitors (people interested in fishing) you send to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website, you will make about $14.50. Of course this depends on the "quality" of visitors you send, and I will show you how to target the most RABID fishermen.

Do you see the beauty of that yet? Once you set up a web site (don't worry, I will show you exactly how to do this) that gets a certain amount of fishermen to it - you will bring in the same amount of traffic EVERY DAY.

It is EASY to make a website about fishing that can send 100 visitors A DAY (EVERY DAY!) to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website.

How do I know? I have done it. 5 times, from scratch each time!

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Let's Go Over Exactly How You Will Make Passive Income Every Month (Once I Help You Set It Up)

You will sign up for the Bass Fishing Secret affiliate program by clicking here and filling out all of your information.

I will show you how to build a fishing website, step by step, that sends 100 visitors a day to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website (if you have an existing fishing/hunting site, or are already really experiences you can use your own methods)

Once your site is making sales, you will begin picking up 1 check a month for between $40 (if you get only 1 sale in a month at the beginning) up to $1000 or more (the sky is the limit).

It is so important to have a goal though, and our first goal together is to get your site up and generating some good revenue. Imagine what you can do with the extra money...

Here's What Else You Will Get (Besides Passive Revenue)

Unlimited cookie duration. All that this means is that when you refer a visitor to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website, they may not buy right away - and we don't care how long it takes them - YOU STILL GET THE CREDIT, and the $40!

They could come back to the site 2 years from the time you first sent them to the "Bass Fishing Secret" website, buy it, and you will STILL get credit.

Many affiliate programs out there give only 30 days, or 90 days before the tracking "expires". Not with me, you (as an affiliate of the Bass Fishing Secret) are the most valuable asset I have in my business, and I will treat you right and give you credit for ALL SALES that you refer.

"IP Address" tracking. We also use a unique technology to make absolutely sure that you get credit for all of your sales. On top of the "cookies" that we use to track, we also track visitors you refer based on the visitors "IP address" (just a fancy techno-geek word for that users computer "address" on the Internet).

We use both cookies and IP Address tracking to get you credit for every single sale that you refer.

All payments to you sent conveniently through Pay Pal, or by money order to your front door.

You will get thousands of dollars worth of Internet Marketing Training, and the exact STEP-BY-STEP process that I have used to become successful with affiliate programs on the Internet. This includes online tutorials, tips and tricks sent via the "Bass Fishing Secret" affiliate newsletter, and the step-by-step "build a fishing website from the ground up" process.

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Why You Need To Sign Up For
The "Bass Fishing Secret" Affiliate Program NOW!

There are over 40 million fishermen in the U.S. alone, and 99% of them have never heard of the "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon". Now is the time to begin promoting it, and be one of the first "power affiliates", trained by me.

If you start now and follow the process I have laid out for you, you will be *BLOWN AWAY* by the thousands of dollars that you will make. They sky is the limit with a market of 40 MILLION rabid fishermen just waiting to get their hands on the "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon".

Please don't let this opportunity get away, you have nothing to loose, it is FREE to sign up. You will immediately receive information on all technical issues (i.e. how to get your web link, and put it on your site), and some of the most amazing affiliate marketing information you have ever seen (including how to build a fishing site from scratch, and have it making $435 a month (as our first goal together).


Let's get your site "crackin'" with one of the most lucrative fishing affilliate programs on the Internet!

Gone Fishin',

Daniel Eggertsen

President and Founder, Bass Fishing Secret

P.S. Remember, even if you don't know anything about Internet "affiliate programs" I will show you step-by-step how to get started and create a fishing site that brings in solid revenue - as long as you follow my steps!

P.P.S. I will pay you $40 for EVERY SINGLE SALE!

P.P.P.S. Remember, the "Bass Fishing Secret Weapon" sells like crazy, and on average you will make 14.5 CENTS PER VISITOR YOU SEND US (with a site that sends just 100 fishermen a day to our site, you will make about $435 a month on average - depending on how "targeted" the visitors are, and I'll show you everything you need to know to send the "Bass Fishing Secret" quality fishing visitors!)

P.P.P.P.S. You owe it to yourself to sign up NOW while the fishing market is still "in-the-dark" about this revolutionary product. Plus you will get thousands of dollars worth of Internet Marketing training for FREE that you can apply to any other websites you promote!


Thank You For Signing Up For The Bass Fishing Secret Package Today!

Bass Fishing Secret
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006

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